Springload Your North Park Home for Sale

Spring is off to a wet start, which means killer wildflowers in the forecast — and our bright outlook doesn’t stop there.

Looking back, over the last two quarters many watching the housing market were worried that California — and San Diego along with it — was moving into a correction. Wishful buyers loudly predicted a steep decline in prices. However, while much of the state has seen some slowing, San Diego’s unique housing climate has deflected the worst of the chill. And in our little North Park microclimate, things look even rosier.

Is It Time to Sell Your North Park Home?

Here’s what I’m seeing: Homes that were sluggish this past autumn have come out of hibernation. The spring selling season is a breath of fresh air for even the sleepiest properties. If you’ve been thinking about making your next move, now’s the time to rise and shine!

Historically, spring is a popular time to buy and sell homes, and 2019 might bring a superbloom of listings. But that doesn’t mean your house will get lost in the field. It only takes a little effort to rise above the weeds — particularly true for North Park homes, which are the cream of the crop!

Preparing Your Home for Sale

Remember how you felt when you first saw your current home? Your favorite parts of the house jumped out of the pictures, inviting you to imagine yourself living among them. During the first walkthrough, maybe you also saw all the things that would need work. You probably passed on many promising homes that would need too much care and attention.

Most homebuyers make these decisions subconsciously, investing great emotional weight in homes that make a good first impression without begging for elbow grease. It doesn’t do a home much good to have “great bones” if 95% of potential buyers never even get past the first-look stage.

As a conscientious homeowner, you’ve probably done your best to fix any real problems and keep the place in comfortable repair. Now it’s time to shine a light on all that diligence — see it from a buyer’s perspective and spruce up its curb appeal (and kitchen appeal, and closet appeal). More than just tidying up, it will take thoughtful resetting of the space to reduce your presence, allowing buyers to imagine theirs.


Over on my website, I’ve got a great starter list of ways to prepare your home for sale. It’s filled with quick, effective ways to show your house at its most appealing — how to declutter without going full KonMari, why to repaint walls in neutral tones, small changes that can make a giant difference, how plants can help make you more green, and more!

Of course, every home has different needs. I help all my clients identify time-tested and unexpected ways to maximize the appeal of their listings. If you’re thinking of selling your home, let a seasoned professional help you and your home make the most out of spring. Give me a call!