Is There Life Outside of North Park?


From the letter bag: Hi Kim, My brother is being transferred to Florida and needs to sell his house in Point Loma. I want to refer him to you, but I always think of you as the North Park REALTOR®. Is Point Loma too far for you? How about Pensacola? :)

Signed Proud Navy Sister

Dear Sister

Actually, I get this question a lot. Being based in North Park means I do spend a little more time here. But, while I know this community like the back of my hand, I work (and play) all over the county!

Not only do I have a solid personal feel for all our communities, I also work hard to keep on top of what’s happening in all our local real estate markets. I regularly tour new listings (including some that never make it to the MLS!); I watch what’s selling and for how much; I meet with other agents and brokers to discuss industry and local trends; and I strive constantly to stay ahead of local news that might affect homeowners or property values.

I’m as comfortable showing homes in North County as I am in North Park, ready to prepare comp reports from Pendleton to PQ and PL. Not only can I help with local property questions, but my network of affiliated colleagues stretches across the nation and around the globe — including Pensacola. I’m very choosy about who I refer people to, so I’d suss out your brother’s needs before interviewing agents near his new base, narrow down candidates, and send him only the strongest options for his situation.

In fact, if your brother is ever deployed or retired and considers purchasing property abroad, I can still refer him to a local expert, plus direct him to very useful resources to help U.S. service members navigate that very complex decision. And once I make a referral, my door is always open! I’ll be available every step of the way and after closing to consult on any and all details.

On top of everything, I have a particular talent for arranging concurrent closings — very useful for making military relocations stress-free. So please, tell your brother I’m at his service and proud to help! Thanks for the great question, Proud Navy Sister.

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