Selling Your Home? Seven Simple Steps to Spruce It Up

Want to sell your home quicker and get top dollar? You can increase your chances to stand out in the market by showing your home at its best!


First Impression: Kick up the curb appeal.

Make sure the front is in top shape. Tend to repair needs, make sure exterior paint is in good condition, and upgrade tired landscaping. For extra points, drought-proof your garden and add shade trees.


Fix ALL the things!

When you’re planning to move anyway, it might be tempting to ignore small paint dings or a faucet drip. But buyers won’t. Minor missed maintenance can hint that other, larger problems might lurk unseen.



And guard against future clutter. You’ll be happier. Guests will be comfier. Buyers will be buyier.

Even if you’re not ready to Marie Kondo your entire life, reduce what’s in your home so it shows at its best. And don’t just tuck things away! Don’t crowd your closets, cabinets, and drawers. Buyers WILL look in storage spaces to try to imagine where they’ll keep their precious things — psychologically difficult if those spaces are overflowing with your junk.


Update the kitchen.

You may not need all-new appliances or cabinets — in fact, some studies suggest a large kitchen remodel might not have a great ROI when it comes time to sell. A hearty cleaning, upgraded cabinet hardware, and new backsplash can go a long way toward brightening up a tired kitchen.

Bold-Sold diag.png

Repaint walls in neutral tones.

If you’re not moving and you can’t live without a bright orange wall, then you go, tiger! But when you’re selling, you might want to paint that wall something a little less challenging. Consider using minimal accessories to brighten your home instead.


Upgrade lighting.

Dim, dated, or dinged? Ditch it. Newer lights not only look better, but buyers love the sound of energy-saving technology.



Maybe this is a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many sellers don’t take this step before photos and before showing. What’s NOT surprising is that buyers show less interest in homes that aren’t sparkling. Clean that house thoroughly, and keep it clean even when you’re not expecting a showing.